JAWC Volume 2 : Prologue - The Ghost of Saturday Night.

Yeah, first week is over, and hopefully I can keep up the pace... otherwise, well, I'll be filled with fail. Regardless... I hope to not fail... even though I know it's very easy to do so... trust me, so many times I thought it'd be better if I just wiped my comic from the web and gave up... how easy it'd be... uh... -_-;;;

Anyhoo... I didn't give up and well... here we are... I'm that webcomic that has no following but I'd like to believe it has fans... oh well, eventually I'll get a forums back in the works... maybe sometime in 2008 when I've sent in my AnthroCon registration and reserved a hotel room... but eh, I'll worry about it in January... first, I gotta make some cash, so I'll be auctioning off some stuff before Christmas.

And speaking of Auctions... I have one up available to be bid on, it's a general audience, so everyone can look and bid, and if not bid themselves, tell others to bid on it... the auction I have now is for Penelope, who's currently making her appearance in the comic as a character instead of just Eryl's Pleasure-bot so give a look and bid ^^

Anyhow... I'll be heading out and hopefully I'll have something cool on Wednesday besides teh comic... hope to see y'all then... 'til then...

W3|c0M3 2 |T...

- Tiki Man