JAWC Volume 2 : does anyone really read this?

And this is the update for Friday... monday I'll be starting a new training class, and well, the comic may suffer, but hell, that never stopped me before, like the phoenix I shall rise from the ashen grave and live once more!... or some optimistic bullshit like that, hell if I really care, it's not like I make shit off the comic, I draw it for me, you guys benefit... that's all there is to it..

Anyway, background check went through, and I'll start training to be a customer service representative with the United States Postal Service... which means one thing and one thing only!... if I ever get pissed off, I can finally say I've gone "Postal"!... BWAHAHAHA

Seriously though, gonna try to buffer some pages this weekend so that I can update wednesday without fail and still work at being a good employee... I've always had a good work ethic, even if I hate doing something, I'll do it til the end cause I said I would.. or whenever I quit.. but eh, it's not like the Man owns me... cause let's face it, if you really really REALLY hate something, even if your work is good, it's really not worth staying at it... it's best to quit.

Anyway, that's all he wrote, enjoy the comic and see ya next time and as always...

W3|c0M3 2 |T...

- Tiki Man