JAWC Volume 2 : I really need to plan things better -_-;;

Well, it's now officially September... which means that I'm gonna start updating twice a week... I've developed a fair sized buffer, where I can start doing other things without worrying crazily about the comic at the last minute... so booyah.

So first good news is that I'm gonna be updating now twice a week, second bit of good news is that I'll be taking commissions as soon as I can build up a buffer for the month of October... so as soon as I have another 8 pages inked and in the can, I can start taking commissions, so only 5 more sketchy outlined pages and 7 more inked pages and I'll be set for the month of October and my birthday...

Another wonderful but horrible news is that it's a month and 12 days until my birthday... I'll be turning 26, but more on that when the month draws closer to a close... so ^^;;

Anyhow, that's all I got for now, I'll be updating again on Friday so look for the comic then and hope you all have a good month.

Welcome to it.

- Tiki Man