JAWC Volume 2 : and it's Monday again...

Things that have been bugging me...

1. I don't need other people to feel like a whole person.
2. I don't need social interaction to be a better person.
3. I am beginning to hate people as a whole, they mostly all suck.
4. I have mother issues, they will never be sorted out, that bitch has scarred me for life...
5. I will always have emotional baggage, stop trying to fix me when you know you don't really want to.
6. I have no desire to be selfless... I am by nature a very selfish person.
7. I don't need to hear that I hurt your feelings when I was feeling badly in the first place.
8. Why the hell do you think I went away? Because I was feeling great?
9. I don't need guilt trips... I can't afford the travel expenses.
10. Don't ask me questions you don't want the answer to; It will only end badly.
11. Most of the time I just don't care... When I do care, you should be honored.
12. I hate more than I love, when I do hate it is because I have loved.
13. I hate a lot, and I love little.
14. Trust me.
15. Welcome to it.

- Tiki Man