JAWC Volume 2 : Fucking Bitch!

I HATE my mother... she's a bitch, plain and simple... if you ever meet her, you might get fooled by the bullshit she exudes as a facade, but don't be fooled people, that bitch is a vindictive bitch in disguise...

Who would go out of there way to lie about something, then cry about it and then within two minutes is back to being happy and chipper after making someone else seem like a monster when they didn't do anything?... I'll tell you who... my mother... crazy bitch sets me up and after getting me upset, becomes instantly joyous and happy... WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I'm the one of the few people you'll meet that'll admit when he's done something heinous or wrong... but this bitch just set me up and treated me as though I was the scum of the earth... bitch hates her son, I can live with that, I just wish she would accept that I. HATE. HER.... I hate her so much...

and I know that any chick reading this is gonna be judgeMENTAL about this, but you know what?... the only chicks that'd be offended are the same bitches that pull this shit on males... well guess what, no guy likes a conniving, vindictive, annoying, lying, bitch that preys on making others look bad to gain sympathy from other people because she knows how to bullshit others... you bitches are assholes.

Bitch pisses me off so fucking much... and the most interesting part of this is that the bitch herself is reading this right now, that's right, she reads my comic and goes to my rant page to learn what I'm doing... but does she show any sympathy to me when I write that suicide seems like a good idea? or how I wish God would kill me? or how about all the passages about how I'm growing more and more misogynistic because of her?... or the fact that my life is seeming to spiral out of control and that I am getting more and more upset each passing day? does she want to help me? does she try to make things a little better?

Nope... she ignores all that and turns herself into a martyr instead... as though she were Jesus, up on the cross dying for the sins of man... well guess what?... You're not Jesus, you're an inconsiderate asshole, you didn't make a huge sacrifice, hell.. the only thing you sacrificed was your enjoyment because you ended up having kids... well guess what, don't take it out on me because you didn't want kids in the first place... you're a bitch and liar, and I'll make this really simple for you to understand... so there's no misunderstanding...


I hope that made it simple for you... you're a bitch and I hope you die slowly and screaming in pain... you've done nothing to make me love you again as I did when I didn't know any better since I was a child at that time... but I know better now, and you are an evil bitch that deserves torture for the rest of your days... and I hope your health keeps getting worse, so that I can see you die slowly more and more each day... you once had my sympathy, now I can't even pity you, because all you have from me is my hatred.

Welcome To It... Bitch.

- Tiki Man