JAWC Volume 2 : FUCK!

I know what it is I should do.

I've been talking about suicide the last few rants, and I realize that's a problem I have to deal with... but I'm not going to kill myself.. I realize what it is I want... and I realize what it is I should be doing... and my plans will come to fruition, no one will stop me, no one will alter my course... fuck you all.

I know that you want me to fail, I know you want me under your thumb... I know the truth and I know you'll lie no matter what, all the while making sure that you're in the light, concealing the darkness in your soul, but we both know it's there.. I know what you want to deny.. that deep down inside you're a pitiable filth that deserves nothing but contempt.

I won't kill myself.. that's the talk of a fucking idiot.. and that's what I was... I won't deny that... I was being stupid... I want to live, if only to watch you die.

I won't be dissuaded as I was before... I need to concentrate on me, so to hell with you. to hell with everyone... I have goals, I have possibilities, and I'll be damned if anyone is going to fuck me over in an effort to make themselves seem better when they know they're on par or worse off... so fuck all you haters.

I don't want to fucking be down in the dredge of society with the freaks I know of, with the freaks I see and the freaks that annoy me.

I'm not here to be compared with them, the fact that someone would compare me with them irks me so violently, and frankly I don't have to deal with that shit, cause I know I'm better than that... that scum of human conciousness... these bottom feeders deserve no sympathy, and I'm not about to become a bottom feeding bastard that hangs on the coattails of others...

I'm tired of being downtrodden, made to feel as though I'm less of a person when I don't deserve that treatment.. I could understand if I earned that disrespect, but I haven't... I'm better than the freaks out there, I know where I stand and I know I can improve, don't fucking act like I'm one of them, cause those fuckers can rot.

I'm gonna get my draw on, and to hell with all you bastards out there making me feel a little worse, a little more insecure and a little more self concious... Beyond this rant, I don't give a flying fuck what you think, cause in the end, I have to do what makes me happy, not make you happy.

I don't draw this comic for money, I don't do it for popularity, I draw cause I have a story I want to tell, it's not the greatest, and I don't think anyone will really fancy it all, but dammit, it's my story, and since no one really gives a fuck about it, I'll continue to draw it for me, cause in the end, that's who I'm drawing for.

I draw because I want to draw, not because you make me draw.

Welcome To It...

- Tiki Man