JAWC Volume 3 : It All Had To End Sometime...

Woo! Official title for Volume 3!

Anyhow... Last month I was dicked around by a chick named Lynn Hardy and her associate Steven Nunez, they also go by Rebecca Lynn Hardy and Steve "Warky" Nunez, well... here's putting it lightly first... they tried to get me to do work and then lie to Paypal in order to get it for free.

Yeah, that's right, Rebecca Lynn Hardy, Author of "Prophecy of the Flame" and her associate Steve "Warky" Nunez commissioned me to do work on the cover of her third book, so far as going to have me sign a contract, I agreed and signed and sent it to her and she paid me half the amount when she was satisfied with the sketch.

I worked from that sketch and Lynn Hardy didn't want that, so she changed her mind and had me digitally draw a new cover for her third book. It was then that she changed her mind again, stating that I didn't make the initial changes she wanted... and she did this by putting bold lettering with Highlights over the text through the email.

I don't like being yelled at... I really don't... so I decided to adhere strictly to the contract she made and had me sign. Lynn Hardy and Steve Nunez didn't like that though, they wanted me to do more work than what I was commissioned for.

I should tell you now so you know, avoid Resilient Publishing, Rebecca Lynn Hardy, Steve "Warky" Nunez and Agape Assistance, Lynn Hardy's "non-profit"...

Anyhow, I completed my end of the contract, completing several finished covers to her book and at which point she wants her money back. I have to now explain to her that wasn't in the contract, I don't just draw and digitally work on a project and you get everything for free... and how the contract states that the money was for the finished sketch.

She lies to paypal and tells them to get her the money back with the help of Steven "Warky" Nunez, the two of them conspired with each other to get me to do free work. I send paypal everything. I send them all the emails, a copy of the contract and the several covers I sent to see if she would pay me the rest of the money per the contract.

Steven "Warky" Nunez said that this was just a scare tactic in order to get me to give the money back. How deplorable a person to do such a thing. Unethical and petty and pretty damn horrific. Steven Nunez and Lynn Hardy are not trustworthy people, they are a scourge, a plague for artists and of the people.

Paypal suddenly says that the issue was resolved amicably and the money was back in my account... can you believe that? I had to prove my non-guilt in order to get my money back because these two unscrupulous scoundrels, Lynn Hardy and Steve "Warky" Nunez went the extra mile to cheat and ruin my paypal account.

- Tiki Man -